So you wanna be a Zalora Ambassador?

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Okay....... so someone just emailed me asking WHY I'M NOT A ZALORA AMBASSADOR. Honestly, I don't know the email exactly meant but I do have a Zalora Ambassador account. I just don't call myself one because I don't wanna give people the wrong impression. 

We all have our definitions of being an AMBASSADOR. For one, it can be someone the company has chosen to represent their brand. Two, it can be someone they're paying to talk about their brand through goods and/or cash. And lastly, someone who loves their brand and can sign up through programs.

And just to clear the air................. all of these are okay. They're wonderful! If you love and support a brand, you should be able to represent them all you want. 

Going back to the question, I don't call myself one because I don't use their affiliate program. Sign ups are called AFFILIATE PROGRAMS too. This is when a person signs up for their own code to market to their audience [which is completely fine to disclose as well]. I use an affiliate program like Lazada to help me earn through my blog. They also send me stuff (beauty stuff most of the time) to blog about - which is not because I am part of their affiliate program but because I've blogged for them before. It's two different things.

So how does it really work? 

Well, for Zalora, you have to sign-up to become a brand ambassador. Everyone does. Signing up is easy as long as you tell them how you're gonna promote them. With that, they usually will accept you right away. Also, you don't have to buy clothes from them.

After that, Zalora will generate a unique code for you. You then promote it to your following and then say your readers use it, you get commission for it! For Zalora, to get commission, it has to be NEW ASSOCIATED CUSTOMER (SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER USED ZALORA BEFORE) and then on his/ her FIRST purchase, you get the commission of 20%! 

To sign up, just go to the bottom of their website's page and then click the BRAND AMBASSADOR LINK below. It's pretty easy!

Also, a lot of big shopping sites have affiliate programs too. You can check Lazada, Zalora, Dress Link, Shoppee, Amazon and many more. I'll leave the exploring to you!

I love affiliate programs. It's a pretty great way to monetize your blog especially for students in the blogging scene. It's not bad as long as you STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF

So why am I not a ZALORA BRAND AMBASSADOR? Simply put I because I am promoting brands close to my heart like Lazada, L'Oreal and of course, my shop - Off-shoulder Kweens! If you've been reading old posts, you know I review other brands so it doesn't mean I'm completely shutting down from collaborations. What matters in the end is that you to stick to promoting companies and products that will benefit your audience! After all, it is your audience - friends and readers that make your blog, vlog, whatever. :) I hope we don't mislead anyone. It isn't being handpicked or anything - as the email implied.

PS. I'll probably be writing a affiliate marketing guide for ya'll now that this is on the table. :p If you have any questions, shoot me an email! 

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