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It's an unspoken thing that nose pore strips are now part of our skin care routine. While we have face masks, serums, moisturizers and the likes - it's common to toss a nose pore strip every now and then and just let it work its magic. This is why I particularly love using nose pore strips. It's easy, comfortable and super effective.

Just like these Charcoal strips from Body Treats, they've made the whole process easier. It's a simple peel off that you put when your nose is moist / damp or wet (so as to make sure the strip sticks!) I got these strips and gave it ago. I've used it couple more times than the one in the picture as I was following instructions. 

I know, I should have taken a before picture so you all can see but let me just tell you that after almost a week of using only the pore strips, I've noticed how clean my nose area is. It's also become the least oiliest part of my face. Ever since my trip to Greece, my face has been really oily - imagine, it's almost been a year. But after using the strip, it kinda lessened the oil on my face. Also, I hardly get pimples around the nose - something I know we both hate. 

In conclusion, I would recommend these Charcoal Nose Pore strips by Body Treats! I approve using it 100% and most likely will continue using it. You can get a box of 12 for 120 PHP something at Wastson's - another good drug store find. 

After this find, I guess I should go to Watson's more often! Now that it's the summer and I'm broke, I could really use some low budget skin care essentials. What do you think about these charcoal nose pore strips? Yay or nay? :) Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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