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Hey, hey! I'm back with another FAVORITES LIST! It's been a while since I've been really blogging. To be honest with all of you, I was so close to giving this blog up. I wanted to move to vlogging but then I couldn't find the time as well - whew who knew vlogging takes even much more time!

Anywho, I was browsing through this blog reading some old posts and I can't help but feel sad too. I didn't want to leave this blog, I thought. I realized that I'm a thousand away reaching that 100k page view mark and it's crazy. Long time readers and friends would know how hard I've worked to keep this up so why should I quit now?

So there you have it, I've pepped talked myself into writing again. Writing is good for the soul anyway. I've come up with a list of potential titles - like I always do - and then start brain storming and writing from there so I hope you still stayyyyyyy withhhhhh me, cause you're all I neeeeed ~


May is definitely the month of the mermaids. Well, for UP students, it's the start of summer so my list is almost about my summer essentials. Even though it's raining, it's still the perfect time to go to the beach because.... well........... it's the only time. LOL so first on my list:

1) PEPPER SWIM BIKINI - Of course! Summer isn't complete without your swim wear. I left the picture of the bikini out cause my friends and I plan to go to the beach real soon and I'm saving my favorite bikini for the beach! 

2) GRAY BIKINI FROM H&M; NEOPHRENE GREEN BIKINI FROM POP CULTURE - And of course, since this is the summer, you're gonna need more than one swim wear. I don't own much bikinis - well, I have 7 pairs - but these two also make it to the top 3. Plus, these are really comfortable!

3) RAPUNZEL HAPPY SKIN MOISTURIZING LIPPIE - Instead of the usual lippies, I always keep this lippie in my purse. Besides the fact that I love the color, it's perfect for the summer. It keeps my lips moist (cause it's a moisturizing lippie - duh, Meli!) and well healthy - if there's such a word for to describe good lips.

4) GLOSSIER COCONUT LIP BALM - And if I'm not using my moisturing lippie, this Glossier Coconut Lip Balm is my next go-to essential! It's easy to put on and smells (and tastes) good. LOL. It's so hard to get my hands on anything Glossier - cause 1) BeautyMNL stocks are always sold out and 2) haven't found anyone else selling their products here in the Philippines so shout out to my good friend Cara for getting me this!

5) ROSE GOLD WATCH FROM LAZADA - I'm not a big fan of watches but I really love this rose gold watch from Lazada makes it to my favorites list this May! It really is handy and elegant. It also helps me keep track of the time whenever I'm out of the house.

6) SUNNIES FROM SUNNIES STUDIO - And for the hot weather, a pair of sunnies from where else but sunnies studio is a must! My sister got this for me for my birthday but I only used it now since it's summer (even with the heavy rains).

7) HAND-SEWN MERMAID TAIL - Crocheting is hard...... so I bought some cloth and sewed myself my very own mermaid tail. This blanket is comfy and well, here, to keep the mermaid dreams a live for the rest of the summer.

But that's about it! What's in your summer kit? Let me know in the comments below, would love to hear them. [Snappppppppchaaaat at caramelyyyyy!]

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